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RTX 3080 Ti or 3080 V2 OC LHR

Hi miners, I’m about to buy a GPU that will work unlocked (there is no stock of free LHR cards in my city), but before I need to know if there is a diference between those cards which are “Ti”, and the others that are “Rev 2”, “V2” or just “LHR”.

I mean, all of them work the same unlocked? Or those named “Ti” have better performance than the other ones?


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What is Nvidia TI mean?


Ti is a designation that is specific to the Nvidia brand of GPUs and is essentially short for “Titanium.” When used in a Nvidia GPU product name, the Ti label is part of Nvidia’s naming scheme for its GPUs and is used to indicate that a given graphics card is an upgraded or better performing model than its regular…

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also be careful… all rtx 3080 ti are LHR!, even if they dont saty that on the box, specs, part. no… rtx 3080 ti was launched this summer, all new cards have LHR

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Thanks for the answer.

But what I’d like to know is if an unlocked 3080 Ti has more MH/h than an unlocked “not Ti” LHR card.

I’m unsure because all videos about 3080s LHR unlocked are about the Ti ones.

For example, what do you recomend me to buy: an Asus RTX 3080 Ti (we all know it is LHR), or a Asus RTX 3080 V2 OC LHR?

3080TI is closer in performance to 3090 than 3080. So all things considered and unclocked both (LHR cards), 3080TI will give you significantly better performance than 3080.


try bro… it says:
3080 = 91.5 MH/s
3080 ti = 81 MH/s
3080 LHR = 64 MH/s

Ill go fot a 3080 without LHR, if they are all the same price…

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And just to clarify, v2 or ver2 or version2… it’s related to GPU card, not to LHR. There is not LHR versions. If you want to know what the difference of v2 GPU and not v2, try manufacturer’s website or support.

You’re spot on.
I have a 3080 Ti although videos show 81 to 82 MH/s on ground I can keept it steady at 78 to maximum of 79 MH/s.
All Ti models and newer cards have LHR unless it specifies that it doesn’t. Confirm from the seller before you buy.
Nbminer has to be used to unlock and get around 80MH/s. All other miners give only around 67 to 72 MH/s. Which is bad.
All Ti models are supposed to be an upgrade and better in performance for gaming. However they have LHR lock and hence they perform lower than the regular NON LHR Model. The difference is around 10 MH/s which is substantial for mining in the long run.
Where I am, all NON LHR cards are being sold at a premium of around $500 (which is bad).
If its strictly for mining go for a NON LHR model if you can lay you hand on it. LHR Lock is a pain and will remain so unless someone figures how to unlock it.
In fact anyone who can crack it and sell it will be an instant billionaire… :slightly_smiling_face:

Try gminer. I have 2 cards running great at 81 but one 3080 Ti is really bad. Only runs at 39 Mh/s with lolminer, t-rex, and nbminer.

You are wrong in both aspects

The first LHR version is a lock inside the drivers, wich can be unlocked using NVidia driver 460.39 or lower.

The second version of LHR is a bit different, they started releasing them in june '21 and if you try to use those cards with driver version 460.39 or lower, the system doesen’t detect the cards, so you have to use higher than that, thus triggering LHR.

taken from a reddit post:

I see some confusion between both variant so I made this post. The infos come from various distributors, MFG representatives and so on…that I talked with. This info only applicable to 3060-3080. 3060Ti/3070Ti/3080Ti are already LHR card. 3090 will not get LHR variant.

+Gigabyte: LHR card will have REV 2.0/REV 3.0 text printed on the sticker, both on the box and card. FHR card do not have those text.

+EVGA: P/N of LHR card end with “-KL”. For FHR card it is “-KR”.

+Asus: REV 2.0 text on the box and card stickers for LHR. No Rev 2.0 text for FHR.

+MSI: currently there is no way to tell beside testing the card with internal software or ask the distributors, they get advanced info from MSI which batch is LHR. One unofficial way is to look at MFG year/month (13th-16th number in serial number, like “2106”) and check, 2106 and later has a high chance of LHR card.

+Colorful: series or P/N end with “L” for LHR. FHR card is “V”.

Also for all MFGs you can look at MFG month, all MFGs started production of LHR in Week 2, June 2021 while Asus started a week later, Week 3 June 2021. But this method is not exact


The resseller told me wrong. Thanks.

no problem, i didn’t know either and information is key

The new NbMiner takes 3080 Ti upto 88 MHs… Its getting closer to full unlock… Great Job for NbMIner

Let’s wake up this thread after latest LHR unlock :heart:

Here’s my lucky lottery

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