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RTX 3080 TI Not detected

Hi guys,

I just installed my first rig with two GPU’s in it (to start).

  • RTX 3070 TI
  • RTX 3080 TI

The has been detected immediatly, and I could add it to a rig without any issue.
The 3080 TI though, doe not appear anywhere on hiveos.

I tried to update the graphi drivers for nvidia, using the following command:

I have currently the 460.91.03 installed (I downloaded the HiveOs image this afternoon).
The stable version that the command displays me is: 510.60.02

I tried to install it (using the method that after the nvidia-driver-update --list command, I get asked which version I would like to install. I specifiy simply the version number, and hit enter. It downloads it, then, the screen shuts down black, and nothing seems to happen anymore.

I basically reboot the rig after a couple of minutes.

Are RTX 3080 TI GPu’s actually supported?
Did i miss something in the update process? Or is there something else to do to make the card appear in hiveOS ?
how long does an update actually take to get applied? (Maybe i didn’t waited long enough?)

Thank you guys SO much in advance!

Reflash the stable image, either with your pc or in the shell by running hive-replace -s

3080ti work great as long as you’re on new enough software. If one card isn’t working troubleshoot it on its own

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Thank you so much for your advice.

So, if there is one lesson learned here, is that before anything, we (I?..) should check our basics.
It is so stupid, as I was searching for what was wrong in the conf etc…

The issue was that the USB cable was not fully pushed in the Rizer… Yep, you read correctly.
I never though of looking at it, because the card is connected electrically, and glowing with a million colors.

Thank you again for your answer keaton :slight_smile:

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