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Rtx 3080 stops mining after a few minutes and restarts

my 3080 starts mining for at least 5 minutes and then drops to hash, the rig restarts after that. Does anyone know what may be happening?

I leave some parameters:

N 455.45.01

GeForce RTX 3080 10018 MB · Gigabyte

Micron GDDR6X


Maybe you have a temprature issue… check the card into windows with software the card in high tempratures slowing down …

thanks for your answer, if the hash decrease is noticeable with high temperatures, I have another rtx 3080 and it does the same and stabilizes at 90 hashes, but it loses all hash after 5 minutes. we put thermal mass in memory to dissipate heat but it didn’t work. I don’t know what can happen.

you put thermal pada on the card in both sides ? your thermal pads does have the same thickness with the original pads? i so lower your oc settings and pl limits because you may damage your card…

Yes, I put a 3mm thermal pad on one side of the memory, and it is the same as the one in the cpu, but the problem started before this, I thought that with the thermal pad it would be fixed.

Check also your oc settings…

ok, thanks for your cooperation

For nvidia core clock -500 memory clock 2000 and if is stable go to 2100 e.t.c PL 250

Fro rx 5700 core clock 1400 core voltage 800 memory clock 890 (if stable go 900 e.t.c) and check your memory temps… ( check for stable performance and will oc more after)

it worked !, I opened my card, moved some thermal masses on the memory chips and put heatsink paste on them and the cpu. my hash is stable. thanks

Perfect. … Fix your oc settings and you are ready!!!
Happy mining

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