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RTX 3080 showing better efficiency in Windows

Hello Miners, I seem to be getting better efficiency on the RTX 3080 in Windows compared to HiveOS.
In Windows I am able to get 99.4 mh/s at only 184 watts
On HiveOs however I notice that the hashes for the RTX 3080 start dropping when you take the power below 230W.
Have anyone noticed this behavior and any thoughts on this?

Happy mining!

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It seems impossible to get that wattage.
Most probably windows is showing wrong numbers.
Did you check at the wall?

You can see on this image that I am able to set power limit to 50 in afterburner, allowing the RTX 3080 to run stable at 184W, probably a little more on the wall but definitely well below 230W in Hive.

Check the wattage on the wall, you could be surprised about the “little more”

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