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Rtx 3080 power probelms

Hi there.

I have some problem with my 3080 but i dont know how to solve it. Thats why i’m here. I just set my power limit to 229 or 240 something like that but some of my card is only working with ~170 watt and the hashrate is dramatically low. I already bought a new psu, nothing happend, ive tried play with the oc even removed, but still nothing. My setup you can see below on pictures. I’ve tried to find something in bios but nothing. The board, processor, ram ist brandnew, i found nothing this board not compatible with some of my cards or ppl just cant mine with it.
I already saw some cases you need to change the thermal pads, okay but my card works on 40-60 Mh in that video still with bad pads work over 85Mh.
So if someone have some idea just tell it guys,


It is the thermal pads. Believe it or not. I had the same issue. I changed the pads on my gigabyte eagle oc. Now it hashes 97 Mh/s steady. No heat issues and no reduced power. You need 3 inch pads for the back plate and 2 inch pads for the board.

True that but completely loosing the (extended) 4 years warranty for it is a big boomer :frowning:

True. Depends on how long the gpu shortage will last. If you attempt to warranty it. They may just refund you and keep the card. It is all a chance at the end of the day.

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