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RTX 3080 performance degradation after boot

I also have issues with RTX 3080 GPU. The GPU boots fine but after some minutes the hash rate and power starts to falling down.

Can someone help me to proper configure this GPU?

This is my configuration:

Hey sebas, from my experience, the memory on the 3080 gets way to hot so it pulls down on power and clock. I see you have the fans set to 100 but maybe the place where you put it is rather hot for it to operate optimaly. Also from my experience the MSI gaming x-trios perform the worst for mining ethash compared to the 3080 TUF and Ventus 3X. I can also see that you have a gigabyte one so I would suggest putting thermal pads on the back of the card to cool the Vram. Search on youtube for Redpandamining he had similar issues with an RTX 3080 gigabyte edition.


Thermaltrotlim…use thermalpads in backplate…your memoris gpu very hot

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