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Rtx 3080 only 85 hash rate

My msi 3080 10gb card is still only getting 85 after the upgrade. My 3080ti is getting 120. I’ve tried all kind of oc settings…nothing helps?

Is it thermal throttling? Are you using the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate?

Not throttling. 1375 and 2700 are the oc. I just changed the power cords… still 86 hash. Temps are 55 and 85.

Msi card?

Yes. MSI gaming

Pretty common issue with those. You need to flash a different bios to get full hashrate. I’m using an evga ftw3 bios on my gaming z trio.

Ok…thanks. been driving me nuts.

What is a trusted spot to get the bios from?

Also, this is a LHR card. What bios should I use? I tried a few and none worked in hive.

After a few days of trying different bios loads, none of which worked. I changed the power limit to 430 and that sent the hash rate to 102. Problem solved. Still only using 230 in the software.