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RTX 3080 Non LHR Hash Rate Tanking

I have a 3080 non LHR card that starts up getting a great hashrate and then suddenly just tanks. This just started happening recently and I’m not entirely sure what would have been the cause as I didn’t do any upgrades. When it starts it gets around 97 MH/s but then that drops after a very short time and does not go back up. The temps don’t seem high but Hive OS doesn’t give you access to mem temps.

I do want to note that my 3808 is set to a PL of 240 but is only getting to around 196W.

what clocks? is it thermal throttling? did you let it finish tuning?

I was able to “solve” the problem. I was previously mining ETC on a different card and though I didn’t change any settings, for some reason it split my 3080 to mining both ETH and ETC. Once I set ETH to be my only coin mining, I’m back to getting 100MH/s.

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