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RTX 3080 mines for 4 hours then stops

Hello everyone,
I am using T-rex miner

I have been trying to figure out the issue with my mining rig. I have a big box fan blowing on the cards and the room temp is about 60 F.

My Rig will mine for about 4 hours then get this error.
Will stop mining then sit and do nothing till its restarted as soon as its restarted its fine then goes back to mining happens basically every 4 hours. The temps are good and overclock seems stable. !

20210201 06:16:46 WARN: GPU #0(000100): MSI GeForce RTX 3080, intensity set to 22
20210201 06:16:50 WARN: NVML: can’t get fan speed for GPU #1, error code 999
20210201 06:16:50 TREX: Can’t initialize device [ID=1, GPU #1], cuda exception in [initialize_device, 86], unknown error
20210201 06:16:50 WARN: Miner is going to shutdown…
20210201 06:16:51 Main loop finished. Cleaning up resources…
20210201 06:16:51 ApiServer: stopped listening on
20210201 06:16:54 GPU #0: generating DAG 4.06 GB for epoch 392 …

I have tried different risers and updated drivers.
If anyone has advice please let me know I am absolutely stuck.

I had similar warnings, but from different cards (1660 super). At my end, the problem was because of the memory clock was too high. So, I need to reduce the mem clock from 1900 to 1800, and then everything works well.

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