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RTX 3080 LHR need help

i have rig with 8 gpu RTX3080LHR (6 evga + 2 asus) 10gb
motherboard : biostar tb360 pro v2

my problem is when i start mining and after about 1-3 hours one of gpu (gpu 5)
stop working !! (gpu error)
so can i get solution for this problem thanks

Since your clocks are pretty conservative, I’d wager it’s a faulty riser/cable/connection.

Swap some cards around and see what the error follows.

thanks for reply

all parts is new
i bought it before 1 week ago

my motherboard supported riser 1 to 3 gen so i switched riser settings to auto gen
and i can see in hiveos he using gen 2
my riser ver006c its good ?

Troubleshoot by swapping parts around, new parts can be faulty

i check nvidia-info and i see gpu 6 is throttle : not none
so i change oc gpu 6 to 0 PL and now is none and working fine an 1 hour
because i link gpu 5 and gpu 6 with same cable
so do you think oc PL is 0 good for all gpu ?

You’re sharing a cable for 2 3080s?

yes only link riser for 2 gpu 6 pin

gpu 5 error again !!! :man_facepalming:t2:

does the error follow the cables, riser or card?

I don’t know :man_shrugging:t2:
how can fix that?

you have multiples of everything, cards, cables, risers etc. swap them around, troubleshoot and find what works and what doesn’t.

ok i will start to change riser and slot in motherboard and i will see what happen

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