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RTX 3080 LHR - Hashrate (ETH) and power consumption

Has anybody experience about the actual status of the RTX 3080 LHR?

Which ETH Hashrate is possible and how the power consumption is?

I´ll get 70-72 mhs with mi 3080 LHR… an NBMiner (latest).
Got some issues with my second card (only 60-65 mhs)

Hi, can u share ur oc settings how to get 70 -72 MHs please? thank you

thank you for sharing your oc setting, seems each 3080 LHR card has different oc setting even the same model card also different memory type I think

Yes, same cards… but on the second one the power dropped - 30w after 10-15 min on 200w…

probably memory temp junction?

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Great, yes… that was the problem :wink: Thx!
Just turned the fan speed on 90-95 an got now 69…
I think I have to rebuild the reg…

Hi all, im new to mining and have 2 rtx 3080 lhr gpu’s, i started mining with trex using oc settings core 1400 memory 2600 and power at 280, with this settings i achieved 75mhs per card but rig was never stable, yes i achieved a good150+mhs but also had alot of invalid and stale shares…
Rig also went offline atleast 4 times a day and the latter even went offline for 45 minutes, yes it was getting worse…

I read through all the forums and found my oc settings was the main culprit, i somehow got this settings some where and it was stable for a week only got 1 invalid share for the entire week, rig is now stable and my fan speed that used to be 80% is now 70% which is less noisy, i only achieve 140mhs for both cards but im happy that rig is stable and not switching off

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Hi, is your hashrate stable at 77mhs, what’s your overclocks and which miner are you using

I found that locking the core clock to 1375 and memory to 1400 ( 2800 ) results most stable performance, without constantly unlocking LHR from the miner ( T-Rex ). Give it a try

Thanks i get 102 to 103Mhs with gigabyte 3080Lhr

Your card has fully unlocked performance, it might not be LHR at all.

No its lhr v2

It is * GeForce RTX 3080 - GA102-202 (PCI Device ID: 2216) in GPU-Z?

Hi there! Please share miner y OC settings. I can olny get 72 of my 3080 with Core -200 Mem 2000 PL 230 in gminer.

Yo obtengo 77mhs ocn oc 1500 y 3400 PL 0, y temp en 56° estan mas esos valores?

With LHR version that’s the most, you can get.
I doubt that Sparta has LHR v2. He is neither communicative nor willing to share.

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