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RTX 3080 Hash Rates

I had this 3080 running as high as 95mh just the other day and have tried running it on different pools and different algorithms but it’s getting barely half that much on any of them. Is there something going on this week that would be contributing to this?

I live in Chicago where it’s below freezing and have my rigs in a cold basement and haven’t seen this card ever get to 80 celsius.

EDIT: I have improved airflow and updated drivers and it seems to be holding up better. Also changed fan settings which seem to be a little buggy…

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Thermal throttling for sure

i have brand new 3080 and it’s very sensible ot the outside temperature, you have to set fan at 100% anf keep your room cool

I got 3080 Eagle and it has problems with Thermal Throttling on memory. I have ordered thermal pads and it should help. (Not delivered yet)
Here’s a video about it:

They should be around 20$ if you want to look into that.
Here is a reddit post about pads:

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