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RTX 3080 crashing constantly

Hi guys, i have a little problem with my GPUs, when they crash i can clearly see 5 gpus lower their hashrate while another 1 stays at 100% of its hash and after like 20 seconds it turns off. I`ve tried changing risers on this GPU.
Mobo: TB250-BTC PRO
Gpus Ventus 3080
PSus LC-1650 mining edition x2

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Che overclock stai usando?

3080 has VRAM heat problems. If you are using hiveos you wont be able to see your VRAM temp. Iā€™d start there, make sure your 3080s are not getting too hot. Mine in windows and use hwinfo to monitor heat while also using MSI afterburner to tweak settings so that VRAM temp (memory junction temp) is in a safe range (for GDDR6X this is likely around 95 max for long term use).

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