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Rtx 3080 and Rtx 3070 fan issues

Rtx 3080 Asus tuf oc and Rtx 3070 gigabyte vision
Got problems with no fan controls they work sometimes for few seconds but 90% of time nothing causing overheating
Tried updating drivers bios etc
Works perfectly in windows
I’ve got 3080 suprem x and game rocks and others working 100%
Just hating the fact I’ve got it go back to windows for these
Any suggestions ?

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Have you set the fan of the gpu to 0 (auto) or have you set it ?

I’ve tried setting it to 0 but get no gpu temps error
The only way I can get it to work without issue is set to 65 all the time and increase when needed
I only get this issue on 3080s 3070s set to 0 no issues

Did You fix it ?
Have the same problem with fan
It’s random. Not only on one card. Sometimes on card 3, sometimes on another
nvidia-info | grep Fan
PSTATE P2, PWR 130.0 W, Temp 60 °C, Fan 51 %, RPM 862, Fan 51 %, RPM 866
PSTATE P2, PWR 120.2 W, Temp 61 °C, Fan 70 %, RPM 1644, Fan 70 %, RPM 1643
PSTATE P2, PWR 116.9 W, Temp 62 °C, Fan 0 %
PSTATE P2, PWR 121.3 W, Temp 60 °C, Fan 61 %, RPM 1276, Fan 61 %, RPM 1274

It have to be switch off competly and after - it could work (or not)

Yes the only way I can get it to work stable is to set fans to 65 and if it gets hot I increase as needed I’ve turned off auto fan that caused a lot of issues
I don’t let gpus get above 59degrees on the 3080s
And not above 62 degrees on the 3070s

Been working now for weeks no issues

I have two ASUS 3070s and they are “working” ok with autofan/smartmode. (70c,90c,33%,199%)

Spinning 50% speed, <50% of the time. I am not-a-fan of the on/off cycles. Might try some different options to run slower, but more consistantly.

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