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RTX 3080 12GB Not getting full Mh/s

Hi i recently purchased 2x New ASUS strix RTX3080 12GB
First issue was the driver needed updating, now driver is 510.60.02
Now ive updated the driver my RTX3080 10GB is getting 100 mh/s though the new RTX3080 12GB starts at 100 mh/s then drops to 25-30 mh/s … I tried both cards to see if its issue with the GPU but same issue with other 12GB NEW card aslo… Seems to be drawing low power on that card ?
Can anyone please suggest some solutions

What miner? Afaik lolminer has the best unlock for these.

on t-rex miner
these arnt LHR cards tho, 12GB cards have restrictions?

All 12gb 3080s are lhr.

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