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RTX 3070Ti stuck with LHR locks

Hi! I’m posting this since I wasn’t able to find a similar case.
I’ve built a rig of 5 RTX 3070Tis from Zotac and no matter the settings I use I keep getting lhr locks.

I’ve tried those settings, 800 cclock, 1000, 850, you name it.
On memory OC just left it at 2000.
On a side note, the best result I had so far is with 800cclock and stock mclock with 45Mhs. But I was getting better results on windows although it was a bit unstable

From what I’ve gathered I need to look for a specific version of hive and miner.

3070ti expect much much higher core clock, try to set it at 1350 and increase it up to 1450. Start from this point

Also seems thermal throttling can occur looking at temperature

Interesting. I’ll try those settings out and tell you how it goes. What should be my target temp?

On my founder edition 70ti I have around 41-42°c on the core which means mems should be around 88-90°c
For sure non-fe cards are better but not A LOT I think, looking your 60° on the core you may have very high temps on mem.
Try one of them on windows to check it out

Okay so you were right!
The temps were arround 110C… It reminded me of the meme of someone cooking a beef on the CPU lol.

I would upload the current hashrate but the rig is offline rn.
I’m going to be ordering some thermalpads and a couple of fans.
Thank you!

You can run the following command to check if thermal throttling is active in hiveOS.

nvidia-smi -q | egrep "Thermal Slowdown"

LHR overclocks are much different than FHR overclocks. The cards will trigger locks if your core clock is too low.

I stumbled accross LoLminer (on this forum) as the answer to LHR 3070 ti - FE. Been working great for me. I also use auto fan, set to 50`c.

Well, on t-rex you achieve more mh but if you are happy that’s ok

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