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RTX 3070M and RTX 3060TI, is there any way to make them work together?

Hello so im having trouble to mine with rtx3070m and rtx 3060 ti, its a driver problem.

This is when i run latest hiveos and lastest(?) Nvidia driver, the rtx 3070m appears as malfunction(failed to load nvidia drm)

when i downgraded to hive os 0.6-210 beta@210914 with nvidia 460 drivers i think, now the rtx 3070m is running fine but the rtx 3060ti detected as device 2414 and wont mine.

Is there any solution to work them together?

What’s the newest driver that supports the 3070m cards? I don’t have any to test with personally.

I never tried any other version other than 460 and 510. Any suggestion maybe?

start with the newest and go back