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RTX 3070 x9 stable without rejected share and then suddenly miner resets

Hi miners,

After more than 50 days of trial , jumping from windows to hiveos
I was thinking that I found the right OC for my 9x RTX 3070

  • Absolute Core Clock 1100
  • Memory Clock 2600
  • PL 130w (I have 1 thirsty msi 2x ventus and a pny xlr8 which are set to 135W)
  • Delay in applying oc 60sec

I use AsRock H110BTC
2x Corsair 1200W platinum
Riser feed via 6pin …etc
T-rex miner.

All works well with no rejected shares
but the miner decides to restart after ~6h (max managed of 17h)

When I check the logs in shell tells my CUDA ERROR…lower oc … which I did… I left them at 1070 which worked for 14h, no issues after that… miner restart again.

Any advice…? before buying a new mobo?

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