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RTX 3070 voltage

Hello everyone,

I started today to use Hive OS for manage my six GPU rig (5 RTX 3070 + 1 RTX 3060 Ti). I installed the system on a SSD and everythings goes well. I already started to overclock the system and i’d notice i can not chose the GPU voltage soo the temperature is a little bit high. In differents videos on youtube i saw that is possible to adjust the voltage. Dis i missed something?

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I am not sure you can on nvidia cards. Try limiting them with power limit in the OC settings. All the OC i have seen for nvidia cards are usually core clock memory clock and power limit in watts

Yes i saw that, depending of the GPU type that you have. Thanck you for your answer.

I have 5 RTX running at different voltages, so it depends placement on the motherboard and also the amount of air flow you have cooling them down.

I managed to keep it stable in between 115W~124W

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