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RTX 3070 Ti

Does anyone know of any new work on unlocking this card’s Hash rate potential?

I’m only able to get 44.31 MH out of this so far…I know that Nvidia has limited this card but need to hack it lol.

Hi there!

last time the non-TI RTX 30 series ones got their full potential unleashed is when nVidia accidentally lifted limiter through a driver’s release.

The LHR thing explains why non-TI are like twice more expensive than their newer TI counterparts.

I’d assume many people are working very hard at blowing the LHR thing down right now and should some find, they would keep that for themselves. Lifting LHR from everyone else’s TIs would increase global hashrate, therefore network difficulty, ultimately lowering the benefits of the newly increased harshrate of their own TIs.

That’s my own speculation though. Let me know if I missed something.

mine Ergo you will get good results.