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RTX 3070 OC Settings for RVN


Looking for some guidance on OC settings for RTX 3070 mining RVN on T-Rex. I usually check for the popular presets, but not seeing great options and was curious what other people are using.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you!

Always best to fine tune. Kawpow uses both mem and core, so you’ll want to find the highest meme clock that’s stable, followed by the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.(kawpow will be higher than eth) You can fine tune from there if you want a slightly lower hashrate at the cost of less power draw and less heat. Fine tune to your desire.

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After a little tuning session, here’s what I’ve come up with. I’ll continue to monitor and fine tune as I go on.

If anyone has any input or any configuration they want to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You have no core set so you are burning much more power than needed. Also, you’re on an old hive image/kernel, would be best to update that as well as set your core clocks like I mentioned previously

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I appreciate the advice! I went through another tuning session and kept your comments about CORE and MEM in mind.

Started off with:
PL = 150
MEM = 1100
CORE = 600
FAN = 80

Final config:
PL = 170
MEM = 2600
CORE = 1400
FAN = 80
Average MH per card = 31.00 MH
Average power consumption per card = 168w
Average temp per card = 55

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very nice, much better. wouldn’t hurt to run hive-replace now too. at the very least it will improve stability and security

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How do I do that?

run hive-replace -s -y either in the run command box, or from the shell locally, or through shellinabox, hive remote shell or vnc.

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Understood. I haven’t had to run a command manually like that yet.

Could you help me understand the significance of that command?

youre on an image/kernel/driver from august 2021. that command replaces it with the newest stable image that includes bug fixes and other improvements. think windows 7 vs windows 10

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Oh wow, ok. Thank you for pointing that out!

I ran the command in the “run command box” exactly as you typed it and I don’t see any change to the Kernel version. Am I missing something or did I maybe do it incorrectly?

I think I figured it out. In your comment there was a space between the “-” and “s”
I removed that space and ran the command again. It seems to be progressing now.

whoops, good catch. yeah no space there

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I think I’m in a good place now. Thanks again for the help!


Hi Keaton,
My politic since now was : If everything goes OK, don’t touch anything !!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

As The Merge coming, I am going to switch my mining to other coins than ETH and make a big Clean Out of my RIG ! :yum:

Should I Update evrything ? Thanks ! :metal: :call_me_hand: :smile:

My testing set-up :

I would flash the latest stable image so you get the newer kernel and driver and then update hiveos as well after

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Great Mr Keaton ! :+1:

I Will then run hive-replace -s -y through shellinabox

But could you remind me how to " flash the latest stable image so you get the newer kernel and driver " :wink:

Please shout on me : DYOR ! DYOR !!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

but … could you ? :smiling_face:

Thanks Dude !

That command is how you update

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Couldn’t you just run SELFUPGRADE ?