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RTX 3070 LHR ergo

i have a new rtx 3070 lhr
Is it possible to change the BIOS version to another version?
Mining speed does not exceed 120mh in ergo

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Whats the OC settings you use

C 1050
Mem 2900
Pl 120

reduce a bit the mem and add more clock. for ergo you will need more core clock added.

Power limit is also part of the problem. The new Tis are power hungry. Go on YouTube and watch people play with overclocks
They are terrible GPUs

Everyone keep buying this crap, play into nvidias plan

same issue here but I can’t even get over the 100MH line

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My card is palit rtx 3070 gamepro oc v1
If i change the bios to old version Will the card work? Or will it be damaged?

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