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RTX 3070 LHR ergo OC

Anyone can help me? i just bought rtx 3070 lhr then try oc only can go 95MH.

I pushed mine to 116 using command:
nvidia-smi -lgc 723

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Please, how do I add this command in HiveOS ??? Tks

Just type it in command prompt. Or use remote acces/ shellinabox (default: user pass: 1)

Yeah, seems LHR has an effect on ergo. Just got an LHR 3070 zotac (samsung mem), tried a bunch of different settings and most it would get was 110mh on ergo. So settling for now with nbminers 43mh on eth, about 115 watts.

I have a Gainward RTX 3070 Phoenix rev1 lhr (Samsung memory) and I can’t get passed 115.4mh/s on ergo.

So this is the most efficient OC settings I could find to get 115.4mh/s:

  • core: 660 / mclock: 1880 / PL: 110 (power: 106w)

If I can go high on clock and mem it goes up but thanks around 135mh/s to 80mh/s, I guess this in when lhr kicks in.

Anyone know if is it possible to use and older vbios on the gpu? A version before lhr.

RTX 3070 LHR Gigabytes OC gaming 8 g
using T-rex on windows

settings: --pl 50 --lock-cclock 1700 --mclock 1400 --fan 65

between 170 / 175 Mh/s with 134 w on Ergo

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