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RTX 3070 invalid shares after reboot

Hello all.

I am new to mining and have a rig with 6 x RTX 3070.

I was able to set it to 62.3 mhs this afternoon and it was running fine the whole afternoon. After I reboot the system it starts to give a lot of invalid shares and I have to drop the mem clock from 2700 to 2100.

Any idea what it might be?

Thanks for the help.

the same i am using t-rex v0.19.12. have 99,77%. Reduced the mem without results, I am able to reduce the rejected with core -600. I’m still testing. if you have a solution let me know

I really did not understand why it starts to get invalid shares only after I reboot the system. It was running the whole afternoon without any problems. If I find out a solution for sure I will let you know.

Post a picture with OC settings …

I have already changed the OC, but it was -400 2600 135w

That is well known problem of RTX3070 chips: Hive OS Forum

To solve it please use “delay before overclocking” option. I use 300 (seconds) for mine rigs.

Good luck!

I am noob over here, did not know about this problem on the 3070.

Thanks for the help.

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