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RTX 3070 high invalid share rate

I just added an MSI RTX 3070 to my worker (Lolminer with Hive OS), and it seems has a major problem with a high invalid share rate. All of my other graphics cards are working well. I tried to install the older version of the Hive system as well as the older version of the Nvidia driver, but non of them helped me solve this issue.

Does anyone have the same problem with RTX 3070?

Does anyone have the solution to this problem?

A suggestion, not saying it will work, but try to wait by applying overclock to the DAG generation has finished. A delay of 40 secs or so should be good.

Do you experience this if you do not overclock at all?

Thanks for your help, it worked after I get rid of my OC settings for this card with a delay of 40 sec!

Cool. Here is an alternative solution

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