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RTX 3070 Fans stop sometime after boot

Hey guys, I have some rtx 3070s and on one of them, the fans dont work after some minutes after boot. When I power on the machine, everything works fine. Even after, hashrate remains the same, temps as well, nothing changes, just the fans not spinning made me worry

The fan physically stops? Or just shows 0% in the software?

It showed me a weird icon where the percentage for the fan speed is and after a reboot, it shows normal fan speed, normal temps and normal hashrate, though the fans are just not working

If the driver is crashing and showing 0% fan speed in software, it’s likely due to too aggressive memory clocks.

Oc’s run the same for over a year now, never had any problem, even when I stressed the cards

Post a screenshot of your worker overview screen the next time it happens, showing all cards, clocks, driver, kernel and miner versions

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