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RTX 3070 ERG settings

Placing these here for reference. Best ERG hashrate I’ve produced.

Hi, different question…
How you determin if you should go for high or low difficulty?! (When selecting server) i have mostly 3070 few 3060ti and few 3080

Power hungry little booger. 150w per GPU would exceed the safe limits of my PSU!

I’m using nanopool’s server based on suggestions by the community. Not sure I can help beyond that…

I have tried these absolute and core offset settings. Core clock offset seems to be work better (better efficiency), don’t know why :thinking:

core clock offset

Absolute core clock

Thanks! I’ve gone back to mining ETH this afternoon. The rigs spend so much time rebooting when mining ERG and the profitability between ERG/ETH has come back to less than 1%. ERG makes sense when it’s 20% more per day but not worth the hassle otherwise… Now going through the process of moving ERG to Coinex to convert to ETH to move to Ledger… OMG.

This is all reminding me why I stick with ETH. Meanwhile my rigs haven’t said 1 word since swapping back to ETH!

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I think you are right. The difference is too small to switch to ERG

Is this LHR or Non LHR cards ?


Ab core 1600 mem 2600 173mh

I’m using absolute core 1550 and 2800mem and get 172mh @ 132W

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