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RTX 3070 (EHT) vs. RTX 3070 TI (RVN or ERGO)

Hello Everyone

I am able to buy some RTX 3070 TI for 300 USD less than a RTX 3070.

So my question: Will RTX 3070 TI earn more on RVN or ERGO than a RTX 3070 on ETH?

3070 (non LHR) is better than 3070TI for mining. But 300$ less? Shut up and take main money. :slight_smile: I will take 5 pieces :wink:

3070 will be more profitable after 600days (with today prices) if ETH will be minable for whole 600d days. (Will pay 300$ difference) :wink: And we know that will not.

I personally would not buy the Ti.
You can pay the 300 back mining all algorithms at MUCH lower wattage on the 3070
Personally I’d take an LHR 3070 over a Ti.
Ti are crazy power hungry.
No thanks.