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Rtx 3070 driver error

Hello, my friends!
I have an issue with my rig on 6×3070 palit.
Sometimes on start it shows an “err” on some cards and there is “nvidia oc failed” message.
Temp on these cards goes up to 80c.
I changed risers - it didnt help.
I tried to low overclock. Didnt help.
If reboot rig - cards start normal sometimes.
How fix this problem?

using locked core clocks?
reduce mem and reboot until stable

No. I tried -200 on core, but if i set 0, this error returns.
Ive tried to low mem clock, it didnt help.

My oc for 3070
Core-100, mem 2600, pl 140
If i set core 0. Mem 2500 - the same “err”

use a locked core clock, as low as you can go that maintains full hashrate. offsets just waste power and offer less reliability. start with a proper core clock then reduce mem and reboot until stable

I’ve try lock core clock on 1080mhz.
There is no result

Continue lowering the memory on any of the problem gpus and reboot. Repeat until stable.

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