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RTX 3070 - Changing Settings make no Sense! Help!

Hi guys. Gotte say something that bothers me for some Days now.

I got new cards. Put them in and start with
Core: empty
Mem: 2400
PL: 120

Everything runs great. 100% Accepted Shares.

Than i push the Mem up to 2600. Still 100%.
Mem 2800, 100%.
Mem 3000, 100%
Mem 3400, 100% with 64 MH/s ! WOW Great!

I do a reboot and it goes to 0-5 % Accepted shares… wtf ?!
I go down to Mem 3000, still many invalid shares.
I go down until i end at Mem 2400 with 100% accepted shares again.

WTF is this? This happend many times to two different cards.

I did not touch PL or the Core. It works fine until i reboot. After reboot it’s like the Card “forgot” that it can handle more.

I am pretty new to this topic so please bear with me… I know , there is the Silicon-Lottery, but it was the same with two different Cards.

Is that behavior normal? Do i miss something? Do i have to set the Core too?
Even if i did something wrong or missed something: Why is it, that it works great until i reboot?!

Check your memory temps of your cards… many 3060ti has an issue with the thermal pads…
You can check your thermals under windows with hwinfo program…

Your oc settings in hive os depends of your cards… safe values must be arround 2100 mem and core -500 depends of the card…

Ok, i will check that. But why does it work and after a reboot it dont anymore?
Right now i rebooted with Mem 2400, which runs stable. Than pumped it up to 3000. But nothing changed at all. MH/s stayed the same. When i started with this card i had like 59 MH/s at 2400 Memory and 63 MH/s at 3000 Memory. I don’t understand why it works sometimes and sometimes not.

Your memory plays max at 2500 depends of the type and manufacture of EACH card… nvidia chip 3060 is very good for mining but different manufacturer has different problems… (Gigabyte has very high consuption… sapphire with samsung memory has very low consuption but cards does not doing well at overclocking… e.t.c… so you OC settings depends at manufacturer+memory type (samsung micron e.t.c. + thermal pads…

Personal i have two gigabytes 5700xt with the same bios and the same memory type… at mining they have differents at power cosnumption and oc settings to play the same mh/s…

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