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RTX 3060ti Slow power ON

Hello all,

I bought RTX 3060ti Gainward Ghost 2nd hand.
It worked for several days then after I install an update it does not work. It is like took long time to power on. For the issue the MoBo not power on and not boot to hiveos.

I installed it in my brother Gaming PC, it worked for several days and then got the same problem.

Not sure what can cause this problem.

Thinking to open it but I’m waiting to confirm if it still under warranty.


Try the card directly on the motherboard with known good power cable/psu. If it still acts up it’s likely the card itself. Most 30 series have a 3 year warranty, and those haven’t been out for 2 years yet.

Some one suggested that I replace all the thermal paste and pads and it works fine now, no issue so far.

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