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RTX 3060Ti non running on Riser?

Hi guys!

I have a stable rig with 6cards of radeons and one rtx3060ti (nonLHR)

All works but now i swapped all into a case and in the case it isnt possible to plug the rtx card on the mainboard, so i swapped all cards on risers and plugged the rtx into pcie1.
All cards are detected but not the RTX one. Even if i plug a hdmi cable inside, it wont work.

So is my only option to get this card working if i attach it directly to the mainboard?

Many thanks in advance!

No one?

My 3060ti (both LHR and non LHR) all works on x1 risers.
Try use different risers.

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Thanks i will.

My card wont show up anymore on hive,
even when plugged on mainboard.

On another board it shows VGA white led.

Hope the card is fine. When RMA an 3060ti non LHR they will high likely not ship an non LHR one and rather a LHR Model !? :frowning:

So card is working on a friends rig. but on mine no chance.
even with a brand new board and new psu, new ram and cpu the vga led directly shows up. super weird. even with 3 other gpus.
But the others at least working on my main rig with hdmi cable and i get a picture.

I’m not sure I can help you but I owns multiple RTX3060ti both on-board and risers, and both works.
So at your environment
-Insert RTX3060ti directly to MOBOs PCIEx16 slot–Work
-Use x1 riser using same MOBO --Not work

Is it correct?

At the moment the card wont work on riser nor directly on board. I assume the boards slot 1 is broken. Board asus strix z490-e.

The weird thing is, slot 3 is working with rx5600XT but not with 3060ti, or 5500xt.
If the latter once attached vga white led is on.

The radeons working on riser.

So i took another board asus z490-a.
Here no card is booting up at the moment.

Did on both a bios reset w/o luck.

The 3060ti works on a friends amd-4 mainboard fine but not on riser.

Before my 3060ti was working on both boards, even once is was detected on riser.

The z490-e board is running very stable and fine with 7 radeons gpus at the moment, slot 1 isnt in use. I use an adapter. But doesnt matter which riser i use the 3060ti wont show up. Even when its the only gpu plugged.

Cpu at the moment is i3 10100f
Cpu before which broke celeron g5905.

You should start troubleshooting from onboard slot with GPU, hence risers have many issues.

I can’t say slot 1 is broken but might be good idea to start from slot 3 with 3060ti.
Have you try to modify PCIE port configuration and “Above 4G decoding” setting on BIOS?

From my experience, some GPUs were not detected or unstable without modifying above configurations.

When you only connect one RTX3060ti on slot3, how did you identified it as “not working”?
-During you are booting up Hive, you should see message "Number of GPU detected : X (X is number of GPU). So you see “Number of GPU detected: 0”?
One time when my Hive missed RTX3060ti, Hive spitted message something like “one of GPU bus have been fallen off” right after “Number of GPU detected: X”.

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Thanks a lot!
It was just showing a white vga led and there waw no boot.

I received a replacement gpu and plugged it on a riser and voila - boot and directly recognized and working smooth now.

So was literally a corrupt gpu.

nice to hear that :slight_smile:

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But, like i said- at my friend the gpu was working anyhow on the board, still. So first thought was a faulty riser. Anyway thanks, appreciate!

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