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RTX 3060ti Hynix ETH Clocks

Having trouble getting my EVGA XC 3060ti (LHR) past ~56 mh @ 120 watts. My FE 3060ti gets 61mh @ 120 watts just fine, but has Samsung memory while this new card has Hynix. Can anyone help?

remove the power limit

You should try mem = 2400. Tha’s what I set on my evga 3060ti hynix

Hi! Would you have any advice for me too?

you have good OC there, only thing is fan is too high, if you want to keep your gpu last longer, keep your gpu’s temperature below 60 and fan is 65%. try low down your fan. Your temperature’s gpu are looking good but you don’t need fan like that high

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thanks for your advice!

hi guys, what is the most stable bios in 3060 ti hynix?

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