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RTX 3060Ti Colorful

Hi all, I have a rig running with 4x RTX 3060Ti LHR Colorful. But no matter what settings I set them to, they don’t take over the power limit, they just run with 200W, the rest runs without problems with 140W.

Do you or someone here have the same experience or maybe a solution?

Use a locked core clock on all 30 series cards for ethash. No need for power limit that way.

Okay, what do you think how much? 1500 mhz ?

1500 is a good place to start for lhr cards yeah

nice thank you

I have the same video card (colorful igame geforce rtx 3060 ti ultra w oc), the same problem, the power limit does not work in Windows or Linux, I think this is a BIOS bug, the power limit can only be reduced through voltage regulation

are you using a locked core clock? you shouldn’t need to set a power limit if so

Yes, I know, in any case, the power limit should work, but it does not work either in msi afterburner, or through the -pl argument in linux or miner

Try another bios?

I’ll try

Did you try another bios?

I solved this with Absolute Core Clock parametr :wink:

Tried a newer bios TechPowerUp, no effect

This TechPowerUp bios from msi works correctly