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RTX 3060 v2 LHR Unlocked ETH

RTX 3060 v2 LHR Unlocked on Windows OS

using NBminer get 30-32 Mhs .posible to get more hashrate???

im not try on hiveOS some people try using miniZ…share you knowledge here

about rtx 3060 v2 LHR aka 2504 …you can check your version on Device manager

im make some video here

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I’m getting 44Mh/s with lolMiner

send the flightsheet and overclocks asap

?and does it show on the pool?

Here is a screenshot of my 3060 settings. They may not work with your card but you can try it.

When I was getting the 43+ mh/s, I originally used the parameters below (I’m using HiveOS). I didn’t give it much time on pool to see if the effective hash would catch up to the reported hash of 43+ Mh/s,
–mode LHR1
–lhrtune -20

but I increased the -20 to 2. And let that run overnight. That --lhrtune 2 decreased my hash to an avg 40-41 Mh/s and that was reported at the pool. It ran for 6 hrs before it dropped back down to 20 Mh/s. Here is a screenshot of that.
Notice that the reported (gray line) was at 40+ Mh/s then dropped to 20 Mh/s.

I’m now trying with a setting of --lhrtune -10 and let that run for several hours to get a good graph. If that fails, I’ll try the -20 and let that run for a while.

Oh one important thing is I’m using driver 460.39. Newer drivers won’t work with lolminer and the 3060 lhr hack

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ok, but you have 3060 v1, in v2 max 35mh

I don’t think so. I thought the 3060 is either LHR or full rate? that there is a non-lhr and then there is a LHR version. My card is a LHR 3060. Without the LHR hack, it mines at only 25 Mh/s. I have been using lolminer at a hashrate of 37 Mh/s since they came out first with the LHR hack first.

Also while everyone is using nbminer, gminer, t-rex, & miniZ miners for 3060, lolminer has been steadily increasing their max hash. unfortunately though, you have to stick to the older driver which some people can’t do if they have a mixed rig with newer RTX Ti cards that require newer drivers

first 3060 have half lhr lock. 3060 v2 have different lhr lock

Thank you correcting me. I’m totally confused with all these versions of all cards flying around

right bro i try
rtx 3060 v1 LHR get 19mhs
rtx 3060 V2 LHR get 35mhs
make me confused…im try use all version miner and some …can you help me
i use driver 460.91 and nbminer 39.2

Just to clear this up. There are v1 and v2 RTX 3060s. They are both LHR, but the v1 is more easily bypassed/better for mining ETH and ERGO. The v2 is “more LHR”, if you will…

In windows you can run GPU-Z and see what device ID you have. ID 2503 = v1 whereas 2504 = v2. In hiveOS (or other linux) you can tell by the driver version. not.checked’s GPU that runs 41 to 44 MHs is a v1 GPU because they are able to boot their HiveOS rig with Nvidia driver version 460.39. If your GPU was v2 your rig would most likely not boot, if it did boot it wouldn’t recognize the GPU and it would show something like “Device ID 2504 not recognized”. So, the 41-44 MHs, while great for V1 (I’m only getting 39 to 40), isn’t yet possible on v2 RTX 3060s, at least not in all the research I’ve done. I am very hopeful/confident that the miner developers will crack this code and we’ll get better hash rates from the v2 3060s.

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Thanks for your information! Any advance / recommendation for the 3060 v2?
lolminer 1.34, someone tried it and with what oc?

I have switched my RTX 3060v2 cards to T-rex version 0.24.2 and I am getting 33.5 MHs on average. You have to add this command to the miner’s user config section: “lhr-tune”: “71”. You can change the 71 to 72, but it may not be as stable as 71. I just switched this rig over to T-rex tonight and all is good after an hour. I will check it again tomorrow morning and consider switching to “lhr-tune”: “72” tomorrow.

My current config is following:
-Miner: T-rex v0.24.2
-Algo: ETH (DaggerHashimoto)
-OC: Core -502, Mem 2600, PL 115w (GPUs are pulling 114 to 115w)
-Perf: 33.5MH/s
-Temps: 62 to 64 C (This rig is tight with very little room between GPUs. When I move these to an open air rig, I expect this to drop to 59 to 62 C).
-Fans: Auto (55% to 64%)
-Pool: HiveON

I’m getting 33.5 mh on ETH mining on each card with the following settings:

  • nbminer latest ver
  • core: 1500
  • mem: 2350
  • pl: 120 (max power used for each card between 65W and 105W)
  • fan: 70%
  • temps: 48C to 52C
  • driver: 470.74
  • pool: HiveOn
  • extra argument on miner: “lhr”: “69” (no lock detected) … if changed the value to 70, lots of lhr lock detections.

In 3 weeks of mining, 0.1 ETH mined.

Setup is 6 x Zotac RTX 3060 v2 in an open airframe.

What mobo you have?

ASUS ROG Strix X99

i’m gettin 34.93 mh’s. any way to improve it?

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I’m getting almost same results as you, 3060 Zotac LHR v2, but smaller settings… core 1500, mem 2350, fan 75, pl 120 (95 to 105W) … 35.50 mh … I’m using nbminer latest version which has lhr-mode 1 as default with standard value of 74, instead of 69 on previous version

works better. thanks!

v1 or v2 ?