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RTX 3060 v1 or v2?

Hi everyone, how do I find out if the card is v1 or v2 ?

I just bought a model from Gainward, I am starting my rig.

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insert GPU to rig
wait until rig is up
On Hive dashboard check bus ID for your GPU
execute from dashboard via “Run command”
lspci -vnns BUS_ID for this example it will be lspci -vnns 06:00.0

On Hive dashboard you will get result where in first 1-2 lines you will see numbers after GPU name
like [10de:2503] or [10de:2504] where
2503 - LHR v1
2504 - LHR v2

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It says v2 on the sku for some. Look up skus on a website.

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