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RTX 3060 v1 - 50 MH/S

Dear all,

3060’s are a night mare, I tried every thing, my config is not really stable and I can’t get 50Mh on all cards without issues…

Using NbMiner V37.8 with 460.39 driver :

That is what I’ve noticed :

  • I’m trying to put the highest overclock to get the fan glitch at the first time that I hold the fan 1 by 1
  • If the miner restart and doesn’t get the full PL (120w in my example) the rig will never start on T-rex
  • If the OC is to low, it can restart but without the fan glitch at 0%
  • If the OC is too high, it will glitch but when switching to T-rex, it will boot loop or be very unstable.

A real night mare those cards…

I got 3 EVGA exactly the same but OC settings to get the glitch is never the same…

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