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RTX 3060 Ti no LHR Overclock Setting ERGO

hi all i share my setting rtx 3060ti no LHR if you have better OC please share
im use ergo+t-rex

Fine, but it depends on which manufacturer, modell and RAM your card is… so your settings are not very useful for everyone, sorry.
2400 MemClock for example is nothing for none of mine ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or Zotacs…

can you share ur setting dear

Sure, but mine are LHRs except the 3070…
Just now I’ve tried the ASUS with 2400, but it seems not to be stable.

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oh thanks dear…its yout rtx 3060 Ti LHR right?..i will try in my rtx3060ti lhr …which miner u use trex or nbminer?

NBMiner 39.2

is this stable more days?

Please let me know which driver version you are using.
Thank you.

yes very stable,i try more days


I use the latest NVIDIA driver 470.63.01 and the latest version of NBMiner 39.3

Thank you gunzen!

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