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RTX 3060 TI LHR unlock

I have 8 3060 ti lhr cards on my rig. Updated my drivers and give version to help my new 3090 ti card and noticed my lhr goes crazy. Down from 44 mh to around 42 with the new updates.

Been doing some reading online on how to unlock the cards fully and basically do a work around on the LHR feature.

I came across several methods. Was wondering if the hdmi dummy plug, among others, works?

Using nbMiner.


Change miner and use lolMiner 1.48, you can compare them at:

I was wondering if there’s a way to remove the LHR feature. That’s it.

Any software claiming to remove lhr is a scam.

Dummy plugs only work on 3060s made between February 2021 and may 2021 with a leaked windows driver and pcie gen 3 x8. Won’t help with modern lhr cards at all.

So there’s no work around with these lhr cards?

I bought these before I had the knowledge of what I was buying.

Many of the popular miners offer varying degrees of lhr unlocks, trex and lolminer are highest around 76-80%.

Well, that’s depressing that I can’t unlock them 100%. Okay, thank you.

I switched miners and keep having this error message. Any help would be appreciated.

somme of my rigs dont like switching anything than reset switch :smiley:

Unfortunately I tried that. Moving around cards in slots. Rechecking OC settings specific to each card. Etc. Not sure what’s going on.

@keaton_hiveon let me know what you think this error message is and how to fix the issue. Thank you.

After dropping memory and core clock settings of the card giving me issues. And a dozen reboots & power cycles…I think I got it…maybe.

Reduce mem and reboot, repeat until stable

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Still getting error messages. But it’s a different card showing up about every 10 hours with the same message. Is it still because memory of that specific card or something else?

Continue reducing memory each crash and reboot, repeat until you don’t have any crashes.

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Thanks, @keaton_hiveon

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