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RTX 3060 Ti help

Hi, I’m new to HiveOs and I have some questions and I would like to know if you can help me.

I have 4 MSI Rtx 3060 Ti LHR Ventus 2x, and I’m mining Ergo, at the moment I’m getting something around 128 to 129 Mh/s.

My overclock on all cards is:
Core: 1650
Mem Clk: 2200
PL: 125w
Nvidia Driver: 460.91.03

I would like to know if my overclock is correct, and if there is a more stable Nvidia driver for my cards.


did you use DBMiner?

I use NBminer 39.1.

just set the MemClock a little bit up, the powerlimit 5 Watt down and the CoreClock at nearly ~1000… that would be allright! :+1:

I’ll try it.

Thank you.

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