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RTX 3060 TI Hasrate drops from 60 to 20

Cards have been mining fine for months at a time

Since around 4 weeks ago a card would randomly drop from 60mh all the way to 20-21mh

Any advice would be appriciated

This is what it should look like

Your hive OS kernel is a old version.
I’d use the hive os replace function, let it update to the newest kernel, then restart, stop mining, do the regular hive update and see how it does.

And try switching to Nvidia driver 510.60.02

As was said above always update to the latest software id you’re having any potential software issues. After that, reduce mem clock and reboot each time a card crashes. Repeat until stable.

Thank you very much, it seems like the 1 x RTX 3060 TI is a bit unstable. So far so good after dropping memory clocks.

Thank you very much, I will do the upgrade over the weekend, internet connection a bit unstable to to the upgrade atm

4 days and 100% stable. No shares dropped :slight_smile:

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