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RTX 3060 ti, GPU error

Getting GPU error.

17:18:23:709 207fc700 GPU 3, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 8 (0), invalid device function
17:18:23:709 207fc700 GPU 3, Calc DAG failed!
17:18:24:758 1f7fa700 buf: {“id”:0,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:[“0x70d28e08ef5ceb26e7c387170cfaccecd1cd7d45cf449f9e5cb10042644989e7”,“0x24a739dd7e88652c7b9c8b21ab1ea88a6a1bc824232e6ffb030387c1518290d7”,“0xdbe6fecebdedd5beb573440e5a884d1b2fbf06fcce912adcb8d8422e”]}


The 3060 ti dosent mine, anyone know why?

I already have one to test. I think the problem is old drivers. 450.66. You probably need to wait for an update.

have to update the driver or just update the OS

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