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RTX 3060 Ti FE No Fan Control

Hi, I’ve been mining with AMD cards on hiveOS for a few months. Recently got a 3060 TI, the only card in the rig and I’m unable to set the fan speed. I’ve tried many “solutions” in threads on the forum but none have helped; Auto-fan and updating Nvidia drivers. The hashrate is also sub-par probably because of temps; 52MH/s. Other users seem to get close to or above 60MH/s.

Auto-fan Error:
ERROR: Error resolving target specification ‘gpu:0’ (No targets match
target specification), specified in assignment

The error seems to be missing functions in the Nvidia Driver or Card itself?? I can’t quite tell.
My X server settings also seems to be missing a few options.

I have tried manually changing the fan state in terminal and changing fan settings in the miner config with no luck. I have also tried the latest stable release and beta release, the 455 and 460 Nvidia drivers too.

Any help is appreciated

I have been able to resolve this issue.

I run hiveOS in a VM using KVM and the spice display seemed to interfere with the Nvidia x-server. I removed the spice display and it works although I can’t see the GUI anymore in virt-manager. My hashrate is also now at 60MH/s

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