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RTX 3060 Settings Windows

I have an EVGA RTX 3060 running under Windows.
I mine ETH with the Phoenixminer.
Do you have good settings for the afterburner to achieve good hashrates?
Many Thanks.

Nobody have an idea?

I have 2 3060 mining ETH with GMINER and getting ~48.7MH/s each.
My settings are:


You could find more information at RTX 3060 with 470.05 not hashrate restricted | guru3D Forums

Hope this could help you.

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First thanks for the tip.
if I go to 50 mh / s, after a certain period of time I get more and more invalid shares and the hashrate drops to 41 mh / s.
what could be the reason?
memory is at 1450 and power at 88.

Do you have an HDMI cable connected to each card?

No, I have HDMI dummies, like this one:

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