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RTX 3060 question

I cannot get my 3060s to go over 36mh/s… But I stumbled across this:

How the heck is this possible? What am I doing wrong?

Im still semi/sorta new to the HiveOS platform, anything you can help me with would be sincerely appreciated.

nbminer v38.1
RTX 3060 Asus TUF

I try everything and this is the best for my cards…i cant get more like some people 120+

How did you even get that?

I’m able to get almost 123 MH for Ergo using NBMiner v37.5. Been stable for over 17 hrs. Has to be on a reboot or limiter will kick in.

What Nvidia driver version are you using ?

460.39. If you’re asking me. :slight_smile:

thanks I have the V2 I only can get 119 atm, using nvidia-smi -lgc 1305 makes my setting stable

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