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RTX 3060 problem with share

I get problem with shres always on same GPU.

Mining ETH on Hiveon and MiniZ

All GPU is same OC

Not all GPU operate at peak with the same exact OC setting. Like a car, “same” car isn’t necessarily going to get the same gas mileage. Suggest slowly adjusting memory down on one that is problem by 10 each time until stable. Or go down by 100 and if stable then raise by 10.

I’ve already tried that … result is the same.

How are you getting 40M/H

Driver : NV 460.39
Coin : ETH
Pool : Hiveon
Miner : MiniZ

Core clock : 1500
Memory clock : 2600
Fan : 70
PL : 120

Avarage Mh : 40.8

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