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Rtx 3060 power cable requirements (W) calculation


I’m quite new to mining. After one week of o/c and research, I’m stuck to one question.

My setup is 6x3060 lhr v2 and they are limited to 110w each. My PSU is overkill, an EVGA SuperNOVA G+ 1600W…

I’m planning in time to add 6 more GPUs (same).

Now, my question: since the 8pin delivers 150W, do I really need to power up the PCIe riser, since the connection to the PCIe riser provides an additional 75W which is not needed by the card?

I’m asking as the PSU has 9 connections for GPU and I’m not sure if adding cable splitter will work with an additional 6 GPUs

At the wall, the maximum wattage is 800W, so in theory, 1600W PSU will be enough for another 6 GPUs.


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