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RTX 3060 overclock blocked around 25MH

Hello everyone,

Just got hive a few days ago and I have issues with overclock my 3060 when i used the same settings found online.

5x rtx 3060
MB: B250 mining expert
Intel I5 7600K
8GB ram

Flight sheet is : pool: Ethermine / miner: PhoenixMiner

Drivers: 465.31

Here are the results. I tried many different overclock settings, but it’s all the same issues.

Thank you for your help

what happens if you dont overclock them ? Do they have higher hash? did you just buy them or you have mined with them on other system?

these are new. when i don’t overclock them, i get even lower.

So the moment i boot them, they are around 40 MH. But then after like 1 minute they go down to 25/27 MH

3060 have hashrate limiter for ethereum. Try lolminer for cca 38MHs in linux(HiveOS). Or Windows - driver 470.05, HDMI or DP or HDMI dummy and at least PCIe 3.0 8 lines for 48+ MHs

This advice is valid for 3060 cards with limiter version 1 only.

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Yeah i saw the hdmi dummy. But sadly i have over 15 cards, and not only rtx 3060, but also some rtx 3070, 3070ti and 3080

So you you can:

  1. Use lolminer
  2. switch to another currency. ERGO for example
  3. Buy motherboards with 7 PCIe 3.0 x8 slots and mine via Windows

yeah i just remembered , the dude is right. these 3060s want to be connected to a Monitor and PCIe slot to work properly. they are fooled by the HDMI dummy but for the PCIe the only solution is to buy big motherboard. at first i thought you bought the new edition cards with LHR.

did you already tried mining eth and ergo/rvn at the same time? for ex: gminer --intensity 70/30

Use miniz miner. You’ll get around 40 without needing any dummy plugs and risers work no problem.

You need driver 460.39 tho. So run this command: nvidia-driver-update 360.9
Then give it a while to update and then it should unlock up to around 40mhs ethash. Doing this with 6x3060s right now.

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