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RTX 3060 not being recognized?

Im very new to Linux and relatively new to mining. Recently got my hands on an RTX 3060 and I am trying to set it up in hive os alongside my GTX 1080 to mine ethereum, but as you can see from the image, hive os does not recognize the card. Something to note: this card would not work in windows with the 470.05 drivers that unlock the full hash rate because it is of the new PCIe device id of 2504 (the old ones are 2503). I am wondering if because it has this new PCIe id, if that why hive doesn’t recognize it? Has anyone else had similar issues or found a solution? I was hoping to get this card mining eth at least at the 75% hash rate from lolminer, but until I can sort this out it is back in windows mining RVN.

Try putting it in the 3080 slot and see what happens. You might just have gotten the LHR version of the card. Also, in Windows try to download the regular nvidia driver, keep only 3060 connected directly to the PC and then with a riser to see if it picks up. Sometime risers are faulty too.

You just need to update your nvidia drivers. See the help article here:

I have the same card. You are correct, the 470.05 dev driver doesn’t work in Windows because of the new PCI ID number (2504). lolminer 1.29 (75% hashrate trick) doesn’t work yet with this version of the 3060 LHR. Neither does the 0% fan Hive OS trick. Autolykos and OCtopus algos don’t seem to be nerfed. Just Eth.

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That’s super helpful information. Thanks.

sure thing.
I just wanted to add (since I was able to check my rig): I tried every nvidia driver on the list until I found the earliest driver that supports the new 3060 (device 2504). It’s 465.27. lolminer 1.29 (75% hashrate) requires 460.39 and earlier. We’re just stuck right now until the devs figure this one out. I’m currently mining ERGO on nanopool on that one 3060, everything else is ETH.

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I have this same Issue the card runs at 60-70 Mh/s with no OC on Ergo if I try to push it, it goes to 50 mh/s I can’t find many people who have had this gpu yet (2504) looks like ergo is being limited

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Just received a Gigabyte RTX3060 Rev 2. HiveOS did recognise it without driver update as a LHR version, but needed to upgrade to 465.31 to get it mining.

Tested ETH → 26Mh/s (initially 52 Mh/s and quick drop) FAN 75 CORE 200 MEM 2400 PL 110
Tested ERG → 60-70 Mh/s (initially 80Mh/s and slow drop ) FAN 75 CORE 200 MEM 2400 PL 110
Tested ERG → 60-70 Mh/s (initially 104Mh/s and slow drop ) No Overclock applied
Tested RVN → 20 Mh/s FAN 75 CORE 220 MEM 2400 PL 135

The LHR Cards seem to catch more algos now

I have not yet been able to buy more gpus. The ones I acquired are from April and work as I have put in images.

With the help of the members on this forum I got the 3060 Rev 2 mining at 115 Mh/s It’s not the 120+ that some people get here but it’s fine

Currently in Windows
PL: 65% (around 110w no higher or algo get’s flagged)
Core: -525
Mem: +1400

Stable at 113-115 on Ergo with NBMiner


Can you help me? how you did? im literally stagnant since yesterday

this is my new configuration

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What’s nvidia version?

What’s version?



Are you mine ethereum with this hashrate? :open_mouth:

Mine ergo.

Eth 241,3 with minez

ur 3060 its a LHR v2 GPU, i had the same problem :frowning: im figuring how to get it working with other 3060 non LHR

I don’t think you can get both LHR version cards on the same rig at ~120MH on ERGO.
My LHR version 2 card does not boot into HiveOS on driver 460.39

But when I update the driver to 460.91.03 they run at ~100MH on ERGO (LHR version 1 cards that is)

I have split my RTX 3060 LHR cards into 2x rigs:
1x for LHR version 1 - using driver 460.39 [~120 MH]
1x for LHR version 2 - using driver 460.91.03 [~70 MH]

Hi, i have a new rtx 3060 (no lhr) and i can’t install the driver 470.05 ! can someone help me ?
when i start the driver installer it send me the message “no device found”
i’m mining ETH on 20MHs actually.