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RTX 3060 Model 2504 (aka LHR v2) HiveOS Hashrate Limit's

do you have setting for new driver? i use 460.91.03 and get only 106mhz

since last week …

(ERGO 115.5 NBMiner )

I followed your overclock and it worked very well.

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nice ! :ok_hand:

keep an eye on invalids and rejected, if they occur too much, make an adjustment to try to minimize

I will pay attention to this detail, but so far none have occurred.

for everyone, remember that settings can vary from gpu to gpu and the drivers also have different instructions that give different results.
take a few hours and test what suits you best!

to nvidia
nvidia-driver-update --list --ext
will even list the betas available on the nvidia website

with the same settings as above on different drivers
460.91.03 >> 96MH
470.42.01 >> 102 MH
470.57.02 / 470.63.01 >> 115

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3060 LHR V2 is a very sensitive card

From my testing my gpu 0 & 4 run best at 105 W after 110W LHR algo will kick in and reduce to 60 MH/s instantly.

My GPU 2 and 5 can’t even push to 100 if it hit 100W algo will kick in (so i need to use absolute core clock to get lower power consumption) i can’t manually set power below 100 it’s locked by HIVEOS

But Gpu 1 and 3 need to run at 100W or above algo will kick in

And on my discovery, Ergo prefer normal core overclock, if we use absolute core clock PL will be too low around 80-90 and it will run around 105 MH/s

Thank you very much for your information. I admired your wisdom. I hope you continue like this. I have a zotoc 3060 and a 6600 msi xt is on the way. Your settings help me a lot. Thank you for all the best regards

I’m sorry for the language, I’m Spanish and I speak to you through a translator, I’m sorry

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Hi guys, you should try this set, I’m getting 118.6

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good setup

i’m brazilian and sometimes used a translator too :rofl:

(and now i’m drunk, and i can speak any language)
*Viví unos años en el extranjero y conviví con muchos latinos

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Finally i can push all of my 3060 LHR V2 above 110 MH/S running stable for 10 hours now.


You Sir, are a legend!

Too bad you can’t have upvotes and stuff!

The settings you have found works well so far, it “unlocked” the potential on all of my v2 cards wich can’t work with 460.39.

I still have to tweak a bit on it, since one of my cards produces 50 Mh/s with -525 2800 110, but if i set it to -525 0 110 it “unlocks” and makes 98-103 Mh/s

Tas con quieres :joy::joy::muscle::muscle::muscle:
Yo en Brasil no pero Portugal anduve algo también el marinero recorte muchos sitios y paises

Not me in Brazil but Portugal I walked a bit too the sailor cut many places and countries

Nothing worked for me. Stuck at 102.8 mh on ERGO. But with the 470.63.01 driver and these OC settings, i get 117.4 MH! Now waiting to see how stable it is

Nevermind, dropped down to 70 after a few minutes…to bad…

I’m using the driver from Nvidia 460.91.03, have you already tested it with this version?

Yes, that didn’t work at all. For now i got it stable at 112 mh on driver 470.63.01

core -417 mem 2710 and 100 power limit. Fan speed auto (and stays at 40% and 49 degrees C)

compañero no se si te ayudara yo tengo zotac 12 gb LHR v2 118 mh estables un saludo perdón por el idioma soy español habló a través de un traductor.

partner, I don’t know if it will help you, I have zotac 12 gb LHR v2 118 mh stable, a greeting, sorry for the language, I am Spanish, I spoke through a translator

I strongly agree the opinion.
3060 LHR v2 is very sensitive for each individual cards.

I have adjusted and adjusted and adjusted and more … and finally, I got stability 116 ~ 118Mh/s in around 100W on t-rex of Windows 10!

To get this, you have to adjust both absolute-clock and clock-offset for each cards.
The sweet clock frequency is around 1290MHz but it depends on the individual card.
You can adjust core voltage using the clock-offset value. If you decrease it, the voltage will be increased.
So, Total power of the card must be around 100W but you have to find suitable range that is very narrow. Too little power or too much power can cause stalls.

Using Power-Limit is not recommended because the total power of the card can slightly changed due to the temperature, power source voltage, etc.
It sometime make unstable result.
I recommend it to fix to 100% or more.

I have the three 3060 LHR v2 cards and each sweet spots are 106W, 102W, 99W.

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